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Ways of the Water Chords

I have had numerous request to share the chords to this song, so here they are.  Let it flow like water.  This song is a thank you.

The Ways of the Water (listen to the song here)


written by Steven Baranyai and C.D. Onofrio


(Chords: D A G Bm)



Thunder makes it’s way across the land

haunted by the shadows of the past

nestled in the arms of the great lakes

once this was the gateway to the west

                 D      A         G

These are the ways of the water

This is the walk of peace

this is the place of wonder

this is the great release


We come from the waters of our mother

born to be ourselves and no other

we’ve come here to heal one another

to walk as sisters and brothers


These are the ways of the water

this is the walk of peace

this is the place of wonder

this is the great release




Ways of the Water Walk

We ended day two of the walk around the region at the Dain City bridge. Sir Lightning Rod lit a pipe and sat on the cement wall. General Mayhem sprawled out on the grass.

I feel alot of love and gratitude for the waters that surround me and I feel like sharing. I’ve really got some great spirits around me and I feel it. Rod’s been awesome to hang with, we’ve been gathering some of his stories from his trip across Canada. Bergy’s been great keeping the conversation going to interesting places, jamming on musical dreams and the metaphysics of the soul.

Then there’s been these really great and odd musical moments, exploring different uses of our voice… singing the weezer blue album and billy joel.  Making up instrumental pieces that sound like some 18th century chamber music.  Nonsensical merrily we walk along as we sing this song lalalalalala.  Playing the railings of a bridge with our walking sticks.

Boston Pizza Welland was such a welcoming spot.   Deb and Brian have been continually supportive of this quest and this journey in spirit.  We ate well and played well.  Steven Henschel from Niagara this Week came up and played electric guitar with us.  Bob was present in full force with the hugs.  Major Phil had the big smile rocking.  Jay Shawana threw alot of love our way.  My great mother has already cleaned up in my apartment.

Looking forward to another great day

Feeling Fortunate,
Captain Delusion.

Looking to the North Star

My journey has brought me here. I champion peace and harmony in the human spirit and in the collective spirit of the world. I am not an embodiment of virtue. I’ve peered into the lives of the saints and I am not one. I like to cut loose and play rock and roll, I treat my carnal desires with affection. I don’t mind mind-altering substances once in a while. I am no disciplined practitioner of my spirituality. I am a daydreamer staring out the window in math class. I seek answers in my waking reverie, yet I never expect to find them. I look for the eternal threads that keep the fabric of creation together seeing my heart in the patterns and the patterns in my heart.

“All of creation is in you and you are in all of creation”- North star man tells me. More than poetic musing, a fact of nature that the very building blocks that made the universe can also be found within me.

This cup is filled with light.

All of this is lit with the blaze of the word.

100 Days To 100 Hours J.A.M.

You Are Me

I Am You

The U.R. Me, in collaboration with the I Am U., are Launching an exploration into the very fabric of the space/time continuum.

In this message

100 days to 100 hours J.A.M. (Joy Allowance Music)

The U.R. Me is in Basic training, just having completed a busy weekend of cosmic jamming at Buskerfest, as well as a Blue Moon Meditation at Oakes Garden we are as a flowing collective moving forward for 100 days of Jamming. From the Niagara Region across Canada and back again. There are some key dates for this project. The stage is set for the Niagara Region with the Festival at Mount Carmel, the St. Catharines Night of Art, A Walk Around the Region, and the Niagara Falls Night of Art. October will see album releases. My own, Aaron Berger’s, and Bob Goodall’s. The harvest of the seeds that were planted who knows when. Then comes the big trail across Canada from Victoria to Montreal with the Big Drum, us Ohnia:Kara singers keeping rhythm all the way. When we return, we will pass the torch to Rod Standish who will attempt to play for 100 hours straight. Rod once played over 50 hours for a guiness world record. This time it will be about Quality, not Quantity, Rod will play unbound by the strict guidelines and will craft time and space with his musical soul. To read more about crafting time and space with musical souls, read on after the key dates. And… please, do get involved in the conversation.

Key Dates

September 7th – 9th Mt. Carmel Fine art and Music Fest: Niagara Falls

Global Launch of Perpetual Peace Project Jam in Perpetuity

Live Streaming On-Line

Over fifty Niagara talents in Music and Art on one site.

September 15th: St. Catharines Night of Art: Art City

September 16tth-21st Ways of the Water Walk:

Walk around the greater Niagara Circle Route. St. Catharines – Welland – Port Colborne – Fort Erie – Niagara Falls – N.O.T.L.

September 21st : 21 Band Salute @ Seneca Theatre Niagara Falls

September 28th: Niagara Falls Night of Art: Creative Currents

October 20th: Hearts and Souls Fundraiser: Welland

November 14th

Journey Across Canada from West to East with Xavier Rudd: Spirit Bird

December 8th-

Niagara Falls

Rod Standish commemorates the three year anniversary of his Walk across Canada from East to West by playing music for 100 hours straight. Feet to Feat.

From there we will see what the end of the world brings.

Hopefully it will be better things.

What could be never is.

What is always will be.

Background Assumptions

Based on the assumption that the essence of all matter is energy and vibration (see string theory, quantum mechanics, Einstein) and the knowledge that some vibrational frequencies work better with one another (see harmony theory) we are setting out with our musical instruments and the vibration of our beings (a.k.a. our spirits) in pursuit of optimized harmony/resonance/coherence.

We believe, from experience, that some moments are of a higher quality than others. Observations of internal ongoings have led us to the hypothesis that internal attitudes in the moment are directly correlated to the external phenomenons of the moment.

Attitude of Gratitude

Because it rhymes it must be true and good… this is the first rule of the dynamics of poetry. Poetic dynamics, so to speak. (I joke)

If you think about it, mos of the things that are essential to our life are given to us. The sun, the air, the water. “We didn’t earn the sun”, says economist Charles Eisenstein. It was given to us. (Great gift, by the way, giant ball of exploding hydrogen that heats our home, grows our food, keeps our planet from spinning off in to space, very thoughtful gift that keeps giving)

“The natural reaction to a gift is appreciation”. Thank you sun for all you do!


We are going to stage a formal attest to the wonderous vibrational dance that makes it possible for us to be here. We are, as much as possible going to wear the face of a baby raft in wonder at the dancing waves of sounds and light that move through each moment. The momentum of our wonder-will drives us towards moments increasingly full of wonder. If our aim in these moments is true the moments will be filled with smiles and laughter and dancing and singing and jumping and tears of joy, tears of gold, tears of laughter!

We will hold our hands up in front of the tanks of fear and say “No more! This is our home.

We will stand tall and look compassionately into the eyes of the bully of our bliss and say “no more! This is our playground.”

We will melt the cold and hard places that keep our hearts from growing and will say, “No more! This is our garden and we will tend to it, nurture it, and see it grow until it is the pride of our heart’s joy and until we can turn and face each moment of this existence with a smile and say, “It is good”, our work will not be done. We will dig the soil of this here space-time fabric until the lights of our souls is reflected back to the light of the sun. If the light of our being is not reflected back into the world, the circle of our life will remain incomplete, for every circuit must return to its source, if it is not, our gifts will not be given.

The World as Vibration

There is only touch.

Our skin touches the dance of matter with the receptivity of its nervous caress.

Our ears touch the vibration of the sound bantering its waves into our brains.

Our eyes touch the light reflected and dispersed on the surfaces of Earth.

Our nose touches the chemicals that arose through passages to delivers olfactory messages.

Our tongues touch the taste of compounds broken down and sent through our delicate palattes.

Yet our souls radiate, so that the touch of all senses comes to us as a sum of our soul’s vibration.

This is the nature of our exploration.

Captain Delusion

AllisPlural Interview

A while back while I was playing a night at Ravine Winery a young woman wielding a camera approached me as I lounged on my break.  She said she had come to photograph me and to interview me which is out of the ordinary there at the winery but I rolled with it and she turned out to be a sweetheart herself and a fine writer.   I gave a written interview and she painted my picture in red wine.  Cheers

here’s the interviewImage: